diverse participants in the greater entity that is
are as the various cells within each individual.
the atmosphere of the playa IS the bloodstream of THE MAN.

what would it be like to
the bloodstream, to be a white blood cell...
a T-helper cell... or even a virus...
PULSE examines the internal rhythms and structures
that keep us strong and allow us to grow.
how do these forces affect the defenders and healers within the vascular system, and how do we move through the liquid state within and without...

our camp shade structure would be of
flowing fabrics and bamboo,
with tendrils of tubing suggesting the vascular system,
RVs and trucks would be
wrapped in large, clever and succinct supergraphics mapping these pathways, simply and clearly.
a modest sound system resonates
the beat of the heart, of life.
there will be large sculptural/display pieces,
a lighted tower,
an interactive/contribu-to-able DNA spiral/double helix,
where anyone can "reprogram" the codes.
think of it perhaps as a molecular jungle gym of sorts...

the camp center/dance area will be the staging ground for an evening procession to the beaming man's heart; our performance:
the cellular ballet
(this will be comprised of each of us in one of numerous 6 to 10 ft.spheres and other shapes/puppetry representing leukocytes, macrophages, red blood cells etc.)
this would also feature a mobile stage of sorts,
which is a depiction of the heart itself...in advance,
on the day of our procession, we plan to distribute thousands of red, doughnut-shaped balloons,
each printed with a logo/date and
which could be worn by all other participants. streaming throughout the playa, this will illustrate on vast scale, the myriad directions the red blood cells flow throughout the greater body.

our musicians will guide the motion,
our writers will encode the message,
our designers will illustrate the beauty
of a well tuned rhythmic organism..