golf of mexico

seventh hole: the mausoleum

it's appropriate that we wrap up a tribute to a dead culture at a mausoleum, don't ya' think?  but again, this IS black rock city where nothing is sacred.  so instead of being somber, we're going to mourn to the soul-stirring reflections of don knotts.  why?  we have no idea.  but if you're one of the hordes of misguided folk that believe don knotts and deep trance were mutually exclusive concepts, you're in for a surprise. 

yes, the fun's gotta' end sometime.  for the aztecs it ended when cortez came to town.  but we're citizens of the playa and we don't stop having fun until the med-vac unit tells us we have to.  so if you've finished up your 7-holes, wander over to the clubhouse under the canopies for a little shade and libation.