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Mexico Student Teacher Resource
if it's aztec, it's here.  great resource for costumes, mythology, gods, etc.

Danza Azteca Photos
ceremonial dance costumes photographed in detail

Mexico Online
archaeology, aztecs, mayans, etc.

The Templo Mayor Project
the templo mayor project arose from the accidental discovery in downtown mexico city of the coyolxauhqui monolith in 1978. the project's central objective is to rescue the remains of the templo mayor and associated objects and buildings. interesting stuff.

Day of Destiny Links
more links to the aztec calendar, aztec and mayan culture, etc.  you can get lost for days in here.

Aztec Calendar Date Converter

Mictlan of the Aztec
everything you ever wanted to know about the aztec underworld...which goes a long way towards explaining their lackadaisical attitude towards human sacrifice.

Castle Golf and Mini-Golf, Inc.
two firms that design miniature golf courses.  some great pictures that might get your creative juices flowing.





















links to cool playa dwellers

other links

The Sindicate


The Carousel
our neighbors on the playa in 2001.

Andres Rojo
we met andres at the st. stupid's day parade in san francisco.  he was wearing an amazing skeleton outfit of his own creation.  he also has a site displaying his leather masks.




























links to prep for playa life

other links

Cool Neon
the best place to procure your cool neon for costumes and other fun art projects

The Epicenter
freeze-dried everything and fun light toys

The GlowShow
everything that glows, blinks or flashes

Want Fries With That
ravewear and toys

Big Country Supply
more lights and glow toys

Home of Poi
facilitating your fire twirling needs