the calendar stone

the calendar stone (also known as the sun stone) is a monument depicting the sun god Tonatiuh in his many forms. in reality, the makers of the calendar stone never intended for it to function like a modern day calendar. it was intended as a monument upon which they performed human sacrifice to keep Tonatiuh happy. when the spaniards conquered the aztec empire in 1521, they condemned the act of human sacrifice. ironically they proceeded to kill off the aztecs either through combat, murder for profit, or the plague of smallpox they had brought with them from europe. the calendar stone was then buried beneath what would become the city square of modern-day mexico city.

but enough about all that. we're unearthing the calendar stone and emblazening it with a colorful image of the burning man. our calendar stone will serve as an art piece below the pyramid and a dance floor - should the spirits move you.



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